We discover exciting products from overseas
and introduce them to Japanese people.

While the Japanese market is huge
and attractive market,
it has a complicated structure,
so it may seem difficult for overseas companies to enter.

In such a case, please contact us.
We will help you expand your business to Japan.

To make your life more comfortable,
convenient and happy!

Import products that have not been sold in Japan

We travel to overseas trade fairs, negotiate directly with manufactures, and import products that have not been sold in Japan. Same as there are many good products in Japan, there are so many good products around the world. Among them, we will select advanced products and interesting products and deliver to everyone in Japan.

Utilizing crowdfunding

We are actively using crowdfunding which has been getting more and more attentions in Japan. Also as it has a big promotion effect, it is very effective for test marketing. Moreover, as it is very effective for branding and media development, it enhances the product originality.

Sales channels

We will develop sales channels to reach as many people as possible through wholesale to volume retailers, collaboration with Japanese manufactures, online sales at EC sites such as Amazon and Yahoo Shopping.

We discover the products from overseas which make you excited at the moment and introduce & deliver them to people in Japan.



Company Name :Fornext Co.,ltd
Director   :Yoshiki Yamashita
Foundation :March 2001
Business :Retail business/ Importer/ Distributor
Address :2-17 Hanehigashi Hamura-shi TOKYO 205-0014 JAPAN